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The Road To Nashville, CD

Image of The Road To Nashville, CD


Although the name probably doesn't seem familiar, Danish recording
artist Emil Friis is someone to remember. Having been busy trying to
make a name for himself with his two previous releases, Friis is now
back with his third LP The Road To Nashville. Where his PIAS released
debut Mutineer had been a debutants attempt at making a modern country
record performed and delivered with tight arrangements, Friis' second
LP Tennessee Theft saw a more traditional approach to record making.
Recorded live in the studio Tennessee Theft had a more animated and
lively sound, something Friis was to develop further on his next
effort. In January 2010 he went to Varispeed Studios in southern
Sweden to record TRTN. Recorded in just two days, the album showcases
a more soulful and more playful Friis. Along with his usual gang of
musicians he also introduces the addition of a trumpet, most evident
on the title track. The track, among the strongest on the album,
reminisces Mexican Mariachi with it's tight horn riffs.
It might be fair to say that his first two releases were Alt
Country albums, but this time around Friis crosses the bounderies of
genre and reveals a new take on American Music. One that, despite the
title, drips with nordic mournfulness.

01 - I Tried To Tell You Why
02 - The Road To Nashville
03 - Time Changes Everything
04 - Rolling Seas
05 - Everything's Ruined
06 - Birdy Blues
07 - Lions
08 - A Smiling Face
09 - Paper Moon
10 - These Two Hands